Why Is It So Hard to Find a Good Headband?

I've been wearing headbands almost all of my life. And there's one thing I just can't understand about them: why, with all of today's modern technology, don't they ever stay on your head? Ever?

We walk around with mini-computers in our hands, and in some cases on our wrists! We can collaborate with clients in other states, and even halfway around the world, without leaving our desks. Heck, we can pause live TV to go to the bathroom or make a snack and not miss a minute of the football game or TV show. The list goes on and on.... So why is it so dang hard to design a headband that doesn't slip?

Recently I started walking routinely again, and since it's hot and humid out, I want a cute headband. (Heck, I hate doing my hair, so I want to wear them almost all of the time!) So I began a mission. I've easily bought a dozen, one more useless than the other. I tried Goody and Scunci and everything in between. One even promised to be the "most comfortable headband" ever, and actually that one was the worst!

So I did what everyone does these days. I turned to Facebook and asked my friends, "I really want a headband that actually stays on my head! I feel like I've tried than all with no success! Ladies, any suggestions?" Immediately the responses came. After careful consideration and several endorsements, I decided to go with a BondiBand

On day one I thought, "hey this thing doesn't look like much, but it seems to work." By day two it was sliding off my head just like every other headband I've ever worn since the 80s! And it was also the most money I'd ever paid for a headband.. until.... I went back to my Facebook comments and decided to try one of the other highly endorsed headbands Sweaty Bands

I hit Amazon, because I had a $66 credit (from an e-books settlement but I digress) and selected one for $17. And I thought $9 was too much! And thanks to my Prime membership I had my new headband in 2 days! I put it on immediately. 

The first thing I thought was at least this one appeared to take more than 1 minute to make and was made up of several materials. By the end of day one, I was really digging this headband. It really didn't slip! But I was still skeptical. On day two, still no slippage. Day three, still none. Now don't get me wrong, I still have to adjust it some for comfort and appearance sake but it wasn't down around my neck or off my head lying on the floor like all the others. 

Today is day four, and still no slippage! But at that price, I've decided to wait a full week before I order another one!

Writing a Book Takes Guts!

Since I was a little girl, I've always wanted to write a book. I remember writing stories from the time I was in elementary school, and somehow I always knew I wanted to be a writer. But along the way my dream of writing a book got placed on the back burner.

Then I began blogging as Miss Attitude, and I was hooked again. At one point I was going to turn excerpts from my "Meet the Exes" columns into a self-published book... but instead I decided to start my own business, Last Straw Media. And while I don't regret that decision, I do often ask myself what's holding me back now?

Sometimes I justify it saying I don't really have an interesting story to share, or I should have written something years ago because it's so overdone now. But really those are all excuses. And a young woman with autism taught me that this weekend.

I attended the Focus Foundation's inaugural Autism Walk & Expo with my family. At the event, a young woman named Sarah Crowther, was selling books. I walked over to her table where she had a box of her books and three different titles on display, including Is Lydia Strange? I was immediately impressed and started asking Sarah questions.

After learning she has written and illustrated all three books before herself (she doesn't trust anyone else with drawing "Lydia" because they might not get it right), I knew I had to buy one of the books. So I took out some cash and asked Sarah which one I should buy. She said they are all a series, so I said I guess I need to buy the first one then. Sarah autographed by copy of Is Lydia Strange? and I walked away with my husband telling him how impressed I was with Sarah. I mean not just writing and illustrating her book, which is huge, but also have the guts to get it printed! Not to mention sitting at an expo and selling it strangers. And that's not just because she has autism, but for anyone. I'm not sure I have the nerve for that and I've been writing for a long time!

I'd love to share an image of the book with you, but I'm observing the copyright. It does state, however, brief quotations may be used in literary reviews, so I'm going to take some creative license and say this is a review. The tale is about a girl who has to start a new school because her parents moved. She's worried about starting school because she knows she has trouble making friends. And sadly at first, she is right to worry. Some of the popular girls immediately make fun of her in that Mean Girls way. 

But all it takes is one girl to befriend her and she gets the courage to stand up for herself.

"Fellow students," Lydia said, "I have something to say. My name is Lydia Chrenchoff. I am nine years old and I have Asperger's syndrome." Lydia then explained to the class what it meant and why she has trouble socializing.

"In conclusion," Lydia said, "It doesn't really matter how different you are from everyone else. You are special in your own way."

It's a quick read, 19 pages in all with 6 illustrations not including the cover, yet it stands for so much more. I think it's a great story for anyone who's ever had trouble fitting in (most of us have!) or for anyone who's ever bullied someone else (many of us have at one point or another!) And while the courage Lydia shows is inspiring, I think the courage Sarah had to publish her own books should be applauded. 

It's the best $10 I've spent in a while. 


How I Survived Snowpocalypse 2016

I did not watch any wall-to-wall news coverage of Winter Storm Jonas. I thought it might be tempting, like hurricane coverage in Florida, but to be honest it wasn't. The blizzard happened exactly like the forecasters predicted. While I was hoping they were wrong, they were right, so on point-- down to the time the snow would start and end-- that I didn't feel the need to tune in. Plus, I could see everyone's updates on social media. 

So here's what I did instead:

  1. Napped.
  2. Ate snacks.
  3. Baked cookies (and posted pictures on social media).
  4. Watched TV and movies.
  5. Texted my family and friends snow updates (in return I found out how "cold" it was in Tampa).
  6. Taught my cat how to play JitterBug, took super cute video of him attacking the virtual bugs, shared video on social media and via text.
  7. Read.
  8. Listened to podcasts.
  9. Listened to music.
  10. Slept. (That's different than napping, right?)

And if you're wondering where are all the great snow pictures, try Google. All  my pictures were taken from inside. Why go outside when you don't have to? 

I'm Back! Making a Murderer Gets Me Blogging Again

I'm Back! Making a Murderer Gets Me Blogging Again

So just like everyone else out there, I've jumped on the Making a Murderer bandwagon. I'm a little late to this party, but once I started watching the Netflix 10-part documentary last week, I couldn't stop thinking about this case.